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Gossett Jewish Leadership Scholarship

The Gossett Jewish Leadership Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to actively support the growth of a vibrant, dynamic and pluralistic Jewish community at Queens. Awarded to one student each year, in the amount of $5,000, the scholarship may be renewed on an annual basis. Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to Judaism and successful leadership experience in their Jewish community. The could mean holding a leadership position in Hillel, supporting the admissions team in recruiting Jewish students, advancing Tikkun Olam with social justice programs or actively participating in inter-faith and multi-cultural dialogue.

To apply for this scholarship, must be first be admitted to Queens.  On this form, please fill out the fields below, along with uploading your response to one of the essay prompts and a resume that highlights your academic achievements and your extracurricular involvement.  

All submissions must be received by Sunday, April 2nd.
Mailing Address

Essay Response

Please attach your response to one of the following essay prompts in the box below.  Your response should be 400-500 words.  Please be sure to restate the question at the top of your response.

1. What does the idea of Jewish identity and/or community mean to you?  What events and experiences up to this point in your life have shaped your views on this topic?
2. What kinds of activities and experiences do you think Jewish life on a college campus should involve?
3. How could you help foster a sense of Jewish community at Queens and in the Charlotte community?
4. What appeals to you about being involved in building Jewish life at Queens?

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